ONLINE MODULE – Cloud Computing




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ESTIMATED TIME FOR COMPLETION: 1-2 hours Cloud computing takes all the major components of computing – hardware, software, storage, networking, data, and expertise and makes them available virtually, globally and…

ONLINE MODULE – Cloud Computing

Course Overview


Cloud computing takes all the major components of computing – hardware, software, storage, networking, data, and expertise and makes them available virtually, globally and on-demand, allowing you to access them anywhere at anytime you have access to the internet. This online training course we will be looking at how cloud computing can benefit your business, strategies for choosing the right cloud computing solutions and more.

On completion of this lesson you should be able to:

  • Define ‘cloud’ computing
  • List the types of activities able to be conducted ´in the cloud´
  • Outline the benefits and risks of cloud computing to your business
  • Identify cloud computing solutions suitable for your business
  • Identify some strategies for choosing the right solution/s for your business
  • Identify risk management and security issues associated with cloud computing
  • Identify strategies to stay informed about the latest cloud computing technology that may benefit your business.


Cloud computing provides a cost-effective way of delivering your ICT requirements online. Documents, emails, customer details and applications can all be stored remotely by your cloud computing service provider and accessed over the internet through a web browser.

Cloud Computing and Your Business

Transitioning to cloud services may offer the following business benefits for small business owners, however, how much of a benefit it will be to your business will depend upon the nature of your business, which cloud model is adopted, how it is implemented and how well it is accepted in the work place.

The risks of cloud computing

There is, however, a downside to cloud computing …


Defining your cloud computing needs

Before you consider moving some or all of your business operations to the ‘cloud’ it is a good idea to think about the way you currently do business and therefore where potential efficiencies, cost savings or reduced risk could be enjoyed.

Types of cloud computing service models

The Australian Government has adopted the US Government’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) definition for cloud computing which provides for three types of cloud service offerings.

Google Apps

Many people use Google on a daily basis to search for all types of things. What many people don’t realise is that Google also boasts a range of free applications which can help business owners save time and money. Importantly all of these applications are offered ‘in the cloud’.

Storage, backup and file sharing cloud solutions

Consider however what would happen to your business if you lost everything that was saved to your computer’s hard drive? What if your back up file was also damaged, stolen or lost? What would this mean to your business? How long would it take to get up and operational again? This is where cloud computing solutions really help!

Finance and accounting cloud solutions

A wide range of finance and accounting cloud solutions are available. On the pages to follow is a small selection to get you started:

Important Considerations

Whilst there are certainly some compelling benefits of considering a move to cloud, it is important to understand that there are also some risks associated with this relatively new ICT sourcing and delivery model.

What You Get for Your Money

  • A downloadable PDF – print it out and read it at your leisure or save an online version and engage in it digitally
  • A one hour (or longer) webinar recording with an expert on the topic running your through the content
  • Resources – downloadable resources related to the content where available
  • Access to our Private Facebook group where you can network with other likeminded business people who are engaging in digital skills training. Ask questions, gain support, keep updated!

About the Presenters

Yvette Adams

Yvette Adams is a serial entrepreneur and a multi-award winning business woman including winning the ICT Woman of the Year at the iAwards in 2013 and the Commonwealth Bank Business Owner category at the Telstra Business Womens in Queensland in 2010. She has started six businesses, the first a newspaper when she was just 17, and two of which she has since sold. She currently runs three businesses - The Creative Collective - a crowdfunding & digital marketing agency; The Training Collective - a digital skills training organisation, and - an online portal which helps people find business awards to enter. In 2015 she was recognised for making a significant contribution to science and innovation in Queensland and included on the department’s Queensland Science and Innovation Champion Hall of Fame and in 2016 she was named as a Digital Champion by Queensland Government. Yvette is a twice published author, and is regularly called on as a media commentator and keynote speaker, facilitator and MC for events all over Asia Pacific. Her most recent book was published in 2014 and is titled ‘No Kidding – Why Our Kids Know More About Us Than Technology and What We Need To Do About It’. Most recently she has been presenting a new show called Young Entrepreneurs which can be viewed on BRiN, the worlds first artificial intelligence app. Download it for free!yvette-skills

Course Testimonials

Loving the information. Fantastic to be able to access the webinars anytime which has really worked for me. Lots of information for someone new to it all- but taking the key points and applying and great to have all the resources to go back to.
The completion of this course has enabled me to gain a work experience position in the web design industry with a view to a full time position. I had initially applied for this Project Management position 8 months ago but was unsuccessful due to a lack of “technical knowledge” of the digital space. My new GUTS knowledge added to my extensive Project Management experience has now got me in the door with the potential for permanent employment back in the IT industry. Very exciting stuff……
The course provides information to allow me to take control of my website and digital marketing. Prior to this, I was at the mercy of the people I was paying who would all too often provide what they wanted instead of what I’d asked for. AS a business owner, understanding new technologies is as important as understanding your accounts, because if you don’t you are vulnerable. You don’t have to do it yourself, but you need to have a basic understanding of what can be done, and this course provided me with that understanding.
The training was fantastic! Really helpful and we are excited that we’ve connected our conversion tracking already and tracked our first email! We’ve got lots of practical tips and tool to work with now. Loved Yvette! Great trainer and lovely person.
Thank you so much for the course. I have learnt so much, and feel I now know what I have to do to make all this Social Media work for my business. Thank you for all your hard work and professionalism!
I am not very internet/computer savvy but it has been rather exciting even getting to the point of publishing a website – it is just great to actually have a web presence….my kids (aged 29-36 who have good computer skills) are impressed too! The GUTS program has boosted my knowledge and confidence in going online with our business…. I want to thank the advanced users for helping me through the Facebook members lounge, it has been greatly appreciated. Special thanks to Yvette, Zoe, Karen, Elise and all in the GUTS team, has been just great.
I thought the session was great and Tara was obviously a subject matter expert.
BYO Participant
You have not only taught us the information we need to know now to keep our businesses up to date but you have also shown us the resources to enable us to look up and keep learning in the future.
Get Up to Speed was an interesting and informative experience. The online format, enabling me to access the information at my own pace, and revisit lessons if needed was a bonus.
The program has been a wonderful experience for me…way out of my comfort zone! And I wish to say a huge thanks to the GUTS team for your help, support and patience. My thanks also to Krishna, she has been fabulous to me, I owe her a debt of gratitude!


Please note: As online tools update often, screenshots or orientations around the system given in this module may look different from what it does today. The learning principles will still apply.