Thank you so much for registering to be an affiliate for The Training Collective! We’re offering a 10% commission on any of our products and currently have the following products for you to affiliate on:

  • Get Up To Speed program – $495 product, on early-bird for $395 – earn $49.50 or $39.50. See:
  • Accelerate program -$495 product, on early-bird for $395 – earn $49.50 or $39.50. See:
  • Online modules – $49.95 per single module and $99 per package. See:

Please click on the ‘links and banners’ tab below to obtain promo text and imagery you can use in your affiliate promotions.

Please feel free to use any content on the product pages also.

To ensure your affiliate efforts are tracked, simply copy and paste the ‘My Affiliate link’ which sits just below the ‘links and banners’ tab. If you want to mask or shorten the link check out or- which are both free to use.

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