Arvind Sardar- WordPress specialist

Sunshine Coast Based

Arvind Sardar is a classically-trained graphic designer who transitioned into web design when the internet was still young. Endlessly curious about how things work, he has well-rounded knowledge of modern web technologies needed to create sites that are beautiful, effective and achieves customer goals.

He has worked in an interesting array of agencies in Australia and internationally covering above and below-the-line advertising campaigns, graphic design and web development. As an expert WordPress and Drupal developer, Arvind always aspires to best practices, and is passionate about the performance and security of your website. If you get to work with Arvind, you’ll be accessing 30 years of design and marketing experience coupled with about 20 years of web building.

After hours, Arvind relaxes with art, books, some physical activity (not too much) and experimenting with tech.


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