Case Studies

Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)


The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is a central content and distribution platform for the Australian tourism industry. Whilst most clients we deal with are short on content and need to find ways to create it, ATDW’s problem was quite the opposite – how to organise all the content they deal in and distribute it in the most efficient and effective manner.

The Training Collective devised a training program for ATDW staff including a combination of half days and full day trainings offered internally at the ATDW offices in Brisbane including sessions on Social Media Strategy, Linkedin, Facebook and Content Strategy. We also assisted them with the development of a module on Managing Your Social Media Risk, which is now a part of their hugely popular eKit for tourism operators.


Fox Head Australia

fox head australia

We’ve had loads of fun helping action sports brand Fox Head Australia, who are based in Melbourne but have a nationwide presence, with social media strategies and social media training. Their social networks are massive and keeping on top of them is a huge challenge.

Mick Sinclair, Marketing Manager for Fox and his team are super social media savvy, but we’ve still been able to teach them new tricks and tools to help them monitor and manage their burgeoning networks. Check out this testimonial of Mick talking about a Content Strategy full day workshop he did with us, and how it helped…


Sunshine Coast Destinations

Sunshine Coast Destinations

As the peak industry body for tourism on the Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast Destinations are charged with offering regular training opportunities to their valued members. The organisation approached us with a list of proposed workshops, and we worked with them to devise a year long program with a mixture of half day and full day workshops in both hands on BYO laptop style and seminar style, on a wide range of topics, specifically targetting the tourism industry. Drawing on our extensive pool of trainers we were able to provide various perspectives and expert knowledge on topics such as marketing plans, SEO, social media, local optimisation and more!


Queensland Government


The Creative Collective were contracted by DEEDI (Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation) in June 2010 to develop and deliver webinars for businesses across Queensland, the first time the Department had offered webinars. The Creative Collective have since successfully retendered four times since this time, the most recent being a series of four webinars on digital marketing topics which ran in May 2013 and a series of 6 webinars run in Small Business Week, July 2013.

Upwards of 5000 people participated in these webinars and we received a barrage of positive testimonials and exceptionally high satisfaction levels.


GJ Gardner


G.J. Gardner Homes are a well-known house builder. With a growing network of franchisees across Australia & New Zealand, we were called on to deliver essential social media training to all of their Queensland franchisees during an annual conference on Magnetic Island. Working with them we were able to help individual franchisees understand the power of social media and to empower them with social media skills to encourage them to continue marketing their local businesses on their return home.

Weird Science

We are all star dust. It’s fascinating to see what happens.

Digital 2.0

There is nothing more rewarding than challenging your grey matter.

Social Media

Expressing yourself creatively is very important in life.


Gadgets are cool. James Bond knows this. We think you do too.

Working Together

It feels good
Nah nah nah nah nah
You know that it does now

Working Together

It feels good
Nah nah nah nah nah
You know that it does now