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Data in the form of analytics can help you track how your business is going in the digital world. You can track everything these days from social media profiles right through to hot spots on your website to work out who is interacting with your digital presence and most importantly giving you information to help you improve.

In this online module we’re going to delve into Google Analytics a bit more, explain some of the terminology, the statistics that are key to monitor, and ensure Google Analytic reports are sent direct to your email so that you can stay on top of what’s happening in your business.


By the end of this lesson you should:

  • Understand key terminology related to Google Analytics and general web stats;
  • Be able to locate key stats within a Google Analytics account;
  • Have learnt additional statistics you may wish to track and measure within Google Analytics
  • Understand how to set up your Google Analytics dashboard to be emailed to you on a periodic basis
  • Set your online business objectives
  • Have specified your target markets


  • A downloadable PDF – print it out and read it at your leisure or save an online version and engage in it digitally
  • Access to our YouTube channel with several webinars and other valuable information
  • Resources – downloadable resources related to the content where available
  • Access to our Private Facebook group where you can network with other likeminded business people who are engaging in digital skills training. Ask questions, gain support, keep updated!


Please note: As online tools update often, screenshots or orientations around the system given in this module may look different from what it does today. The learning principles will still apply.