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Let’s face it. People are becoming more clever with the way they search on search engines, and if they are looking for a product or service in a set location, they will often tack on a location to their search term. You may even do this yourself. Whether it’s looking for a ‘builder in Maroochydore’ or a ‘restaurant in Cairns’, you’ll notice that Google will help you find what you’re looking for by presenting you with a range of options including those which have red pins next to them which are local SEO options. Google renders results in this way whether you are searching on a desktop or mobile device too. You’ve also probably noticed that the red marker listings are quite prominent and lots of people click on them. So this is where local optimisation comes in!

In this online module we’ll show you how local SEO works and encourage you to get your local optimisation working for you so you are featuring in these listings and connecting with more people who are looking for a business, service or product just like yours in your area.

On completion of this local SEO online course you should:

    • Be aware of what local SEO is
    • Understand how to work out where you are currently listed from a local SEO perspective
    • Be aware of where you could get listed online for free, if you are not already
    • Understand what local search is and how it works differently to ‘normal’ search.
    • Understand why every business needs a Google My Business Account
    • Understand what citations are and how to get them

Learn about:

  • Getting started with ‘Google My Business’
  • Getting the structure right
  • Reasons why your listing may not show up
  • Ranking of local results on Google
  • Get reviews on your Google listing!
  • Other places you should list your business to improve your local optimisation


  • A downloadable PDF – print it out and read it at your leisure or save an online version and engage in it digitally
  • Access to our YouTube channel with several webinars and other valuable information
  • Resources – downloadable resources related to the content where available
  • Access to our Private Facebook group where you can network with other likeminded business people who are engaging in digital skills training. Ask questions, gain support, keep updated!


Please note: As online tools update often, screenshots or orientations around the system given in this module may look different from what it does today. The learning principles will still apply.