Got some questions about engaging in training with us? Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions you may find helpful…

Why do I have to pay to tell you about our business? Can’t I just come and meet you for free for some advice?

We are more than happy to speak to you for 15-20 minutes about your business/project/requirements which you can book here. If you need more time with us than that, we deem this a consult and do charge for this service. We are professional consultants & trainers who have invested heavily into learning all we know so we can impart knowledge with you. We are offering an extremely valuable service that can seriously improve your business (you wouldn’t expect a free consult with your accountant or lawyer now would you?)

How do I book a training session for myself and/or my team and when will the session be?

Simply enquire with us stating what kind of training session you are interested in, and if you’re not sure, we’ll guide you towards the best solution. We’ll then raise you a quote to accept and thereafter an invoice along with some times the most relevant trainer consultant is available. Our availability is subject to your locations + agenda you wish to focus on + timing. At times our consultants and trainers are in high demand and sessions may be booked 2-4 weeks ahead of time. At other times, we may have someone available to meet with you within the week. We will always do our best to accommodate your timeframes where possible.

What platform are online sessions held on? Can we use our preferred company platform?

We have held a Zoom account for many years (long before COVID) and are happy to set up the meeting links for the session. Sometimes, companies we work prefer to work on Microsoft Teams or other platforms and we are happy to be flexible here. However if we hold the session on your platform, we are unable to provide tech assistance for those joining the session, so would encourage you to have this support. We are also unable to offer recordings if you wish to use your own system.

What are your COVID safety procedures for in person sessions?

We take a range of measures to ensure the safety of our clients and team when delivering in person training. These include observing social distancing with reduced seating, being aware of training with distance and offering online solutions where relevant. Where we are delivering training in your space we will ask a range of questions to ensure the safety of our team.

What do your quoted prices include?

Prices do not include venue hire, internet access or catering where required

Travel expenses may apply subject to location required and availability of relevant trainers

We reserve the right to charge a 50% cancellation fee if the session is cancelled for no good reason less than 48 hours prior to the session or the session is a no show.

I want to do one of your live online sessions advertised but am not available on the day/time it is on/missed it as something came up. Can I get a recording?

If you register for one of our live online sessions we will ensure are recorded and sent to all registrants post session, They are generally provided within 1 week of the live session.

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