Are you looking for a
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Digital Marketing course?


  • Would you like to learn more about social media marketing, search engine optimisation and search engine marketing?
  • Do you know what website platform your website is built on and whether it is right for you?  Perhaps you’re in the process of working out what platform is best to build a new site on?
  • Would you like to start selling stuff online? Sending out email marketing communications? Understanding how your website is performing by installing and analysing Google Analytics?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this online course is for you!



There is lots to know in the
World of Digital Marketing!

You could do a one day course, or a few modules with us, but if you’re looking to gain a good foundation on all aspects of digital marketing this course is the best place to start! It will ‘get you up to speed’ and provide a good foundational knowledge of digital marketing.


You don’t know what you don’t know!

Whether you need to learn digital marketing to start a new online business, to  grow your existing business, direct your in-house team or outsource it to others, this course will help you ‘know what you don’t know’!

The only pre-requisites for this program are that you have:

– Reasonable computer skills
– Access to a laptop or other online device
– A willingness to learn
– You’re proficient in the use of basic online tools such as how to use a computer, search for things on the internet, Microsoft packages etc (the program does not cover how to use a computer or how to use Microsoft packages)


So what is the Get Up To Speed program?

Through a combination of comprehensive PDFs, webinar recordings and a suite of online resources, you will learn how to effectively market online, appear on the front page of Google, receive a higher level of traffic to your website – convert visitors to sales and in short gain the skills you need to survive in the digital age!

Over 750 people from across Australia have already participated in the program. From 17 to 70 year olds, all have told us they loved the Get Up To Speed program as it helped them to get jobs they love, launch their own businesses and even manage corporate digital projects online.

So what are you waiting for?

Trish’s career FLOURISHED from
participating in the program


Trish was working in a role with Government when she started the Get Up To Speed program in 2012.  She was given the option to take a voluntary redundancy and didn’t know what the future held. She did the program to pick up some new skills, and managed to reinvent herself, obtaining a job with a leading digital marketing firm. Since then she has engaged in a whole lot more digital marketing learning, including being a guest at Google events! Her career has gone from strength to strength and she maintains, it all started with the Get Up To Speed program!

Don’t like reading? Prefer to watch, listen & learn? You’ll love our 12 webinar recordings featuring a wide range of industry experts!

Program Outcomes

A website plan or digital marketing plan
Certificate of completion
Lifetime access to the Facebook group
A digital badge certifying your participation in the program, which is fast becoming a must have tick of approval with employers and industry.




Logically progress through program content,
building your knowledge as you go with the option to read comprehensive PDF lessons, watch webinar recordings off our YouTube channel or both! Interact on the program’s private Facebook group.

Online Toolbox
Cloud computing
Analysing your current digital presence
Website design & development
SEO – On page
SEO – Off page
Social media for the individual
Social media for business
Pay per click
Email marketing
Understanding your online stats


Q.Is there any face to face learning as part of this program?

A. No, this program is delivered completely online.

Q.How much time should I allow for study?

A.The webinar recordings are 1 hour – 1.5 hours long in duration. The lessons vary from 8 A4 pages to 15 A4 pages and feature a range of exercises marked essential, recommended, and optional. Some exercises will apply to your situation, and others will not. But like anything the more you put into something, the more you will get back. So we would recommend on this basis at least 2 hours per week if you were to study one topic per week and a total study time of around 36 hours for the program.

Q.What if I need help/get stuck on something?

A.No problem! We have a program Private Facebook group where you can post questions and past students, current students, past trainers, and our team will respond! If you get really stuck you can email us. 🙂

Q.What if I only want to learn some of the topics covered in this program and not all of them?

A.We encourage you to keep an open mind. Many of our students have commented that they ‘thought they already understood a topic’ until they did our program where they gained a much deeper understanding. Many have also found topics that they did not think they would be interested in/find relevant, to be surprisingly relevant. Having said all of this, if you are really looking for learning on specific knowledge, our online modules may be better suited to you and cover the same content in byte size pieces.

Q.Is the program accredited?

A.No the program is not accredited however when it was first offered, it was funded by Skills Queensland in a collaboration with Broadband Today (an alliance of over 150 councils across Australia & NZ) so it certainly has good roots! We have asked many of our clients whether they would prefer if we were to accredit the course which would involve changing it to align it to curriculum, or whether we should keep it as is being cutting edge and dynamic. The majority said they’d prefer that the program was industry relevant, so for the time being, it’s not accredited.


Who are some of the people you’ll hear from?


Yvette Adams

2013 ICT Woman of the Year
2010 Commonwealth Bank Business Owner of the Year – Telstra Business Awards – Qld

A multi-award winning business women, Yvette has started six businesses, sold 2 and currently runs 3, including The Training Collective. Through the program she shares her many stories of assisting thousands of clients across industries in New Zealand, Australia & the UK.


Zoe Watt

One of Australia’s leading social media specialists

Zoe first tried her hand in social media when running a business from home around a combined family of 5, and has gone on to achieve such great success.

She is now called on by some of the biggest brands in Australia to provide social media strategy and advice.


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