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The Creative Collective are an experienced legal industry marketing agency and have years of experience working with a wide range of clients within this industry.

We have completed numerous projects for people in the legal industry and have also worked on a retainer basis with clients from this sector.…  We have worked with law firms who operate in specific aspects of law and those with a specific audience right through to legal practices which are multi-disciplinary.

We have worked with legal industry clients in several locations around Australia on projects such as establishing new brands for new law firms, providing minor brand refreshes and complete brand overhauls to modernise older legal firms, bringing them into the digital age in the process. We have also created websites for clients in the legal industry, as well as performed copywriting, photography, social media, SEO and pay per click services.

We have worked with clients in this industry who service a small local catchment and therefore only need to market locally, through to those with a large and national presence and client base and those seeking to work with a specific niche of client. Some clients we work with are seeking to market to and service their existing client base better, others are looking to source new clients, while others are looking for a trusted marketing advisor to become an extension of their marketing team, and assist in performing their marketing functions at a fraction of an in house hire (and who also being a time based/service based business who are experts in their fieldd generally totally ‘get’ this value proposition!)

Below is just a small selection of legal industry clients and projects we have worked with over the years.

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