Utilities & Energy

Looking for a marketing agency who has experience with mining company marketing or working in the energy and utilities sector?

You’ve come to the right place!

The Creative Collective are regularly called on by utilities, mining and energy related companies, having prepared brands, graphic design & print jobs, and websites, as well as performed copywriting, photography, social media, SEO and pay per click services and more with a wide range of clients within this industry.

Some clients in the utilities, mining and energy sector have engaged us for one project or several, while others work with us on a retainer basis.…  We have worked with clients in these sectors who are startups firms such as mining software, to high profile and established mine sites requiring the graphic design and print of an annual calendar, another requiring on site training on everything from digital strategy to SEO to social media, and with solar companies requiring a new brand, social media content and ads just to give some specific examples.

We have worked with clients in this industry who are interested in community engagement and outreach and therefore only need to market locally, through to those with a large and national presence and client base who are looking for a trusted marketing advisor to become an extension of their marketing team, and assist in performing their marketing functions at a fraction of an in house hire but with deep experience and a diverse range of skill sets to bring to the party.

Working in this sector can involve juggling the needs of multiple stakeholders including investors, managers and the community and we understand this. If you would like to work with a like minded company, contact us, or feel free to browse a small selection of energy and utility projects and companies we have worked with to date as well as a case study and some links to work we have completed for the energy, mining and utility industry.

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