Looking for digital marketing consulting, training or a guest speaker in Auckland?

The Creative Collective have been serving clients in Auckland and elsewhere in New Zealand since we first began our business in 2007, and we have consultants & trainers based there that we call on as needed. With it being a short 3 hour flight from our Sunshine Coast office (the same as a flight for us to Melbourne!) we are able to come and meet our New Zealand clients by appointment, or online, or some of them enjoy the trip over to see us too!

Several of our team members, including our founder Yvette Adams were born and bred in New Zealand, while others have spent extended periods there and hold dual citizenship. We understand the unique cultural differences between Australia & New Zealand and as you will see below, have completed projects for many multicultural & indigenous organisations.

Many of our New Zealand clients start on their digital marketing journey with us by engaging us for an in person consult or strategy session online, however we can make arrangements to do this in person on request.

We also regularly perform briefing sessions and monthly check in sessions with New Zealand clients online.

Many New Zealand based clients engage us because of our strong reputation in the marketplace, our affordable rates and the wealth of experience we have to offer – from website and graphic design expertise, to social media, SEO & PPC specialists and more.

Read for training online or a a venue of your choice in New Zealand? Get in contact!

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