We worked with Botani in Melbourne to deliver them advanced training in Mailchimp. Botani is a leading skin care brand delivering pure, authentic and 100% vegan pure plant skin solutions using only natural and certified organic ingredients. The company’s objectives for EDMs/Mailchimp were defined during the session and included:

1/ To make sales
2/ Increase brand awareness
3/ Educate your audience on ingredients etc
4/ News – change of formula, packaging, launch product, seasonal trade etc.
5/ Increase web traffic

A range of follow up items were advised post the training including how they could consolidate their lists, integrate paypal on Mailchimp so they could start to track orders resulting from email marketing activities, how to implement conversion tracking on the company website so they could track user journeys and ecommerce conversion from EDMs also and how to ensure their website sales were connected to Mailchimp for future marketing.

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