Tableland Regional Council

Our founder Yvette Adams was asked by Tableland Regional Council to attend their second ever Youth Forum along with two other leading Youth Motivational speakers of Australia.

The event saw Yvette travel to Atherton in the Far North of Queensland to present at an evening community event the night prior aimed at parents and educators, and to be a keynote speaker to young people from across the region at the full day Youth Forum.

The objective of the event was to engage local youth, empowering and developing them to make positive choices for their future on a wide range of topics from mental health and wellbeing to physical health and career choices. The forum also informed the development of a strategic plan for youth in the region, and aimed to encourage their ongoing contribution.

Yvette’s keynote was on ‘The Entrepreneurial Mindset’ where she shared her entrepreneurial story, starting with the creation of a newspaper in Wellington, New Zealand at age 17, through to creating her first online business selling teeshirts in 2002, and then to her current businesses, The Creative COllective, The Training Collective & The audience were highly engaged, with many young people coming up to Yvette after the presentation and requesting to follow her social media and remain in contact with her thereafter.

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