Sunshine Coast Council – Level Up Program

The Level Up Program was a Sunshine Coast Council funded program aimed at helping local small and medium sized businesses connect to high speed broadband as NBN rolled out across the region, to ensure they had the necessary awareness and skills to utilise digital tools to improve their productivity and profitability.

The Creative Collective worked collaboratively with the Sunshine Coast Council team to come up with a program name, program branding, website and all marketing collateral.

The name “Level Up” was chosen due to the links to being globally competitive and ‘gaming’ principles – emphasising the module elements of the program and the ability for program participants to upskill and build levels of digital skill, at their pace and over time.


  • Development of x12 webinar slide decks
  • Development of x4 workshop slide decks (1/2 day)
  • Development + management of mentoring program to support participants, connecting them to local businesses who were experts in relevant fields
  • Development + distribution of regular program emails
  • Running of x12 webinar sessions
  • Management of program website
  • Development of x5 case studies – 1 page A4 PDF format
  • Confirming sponsorships/partnership deals with complimentary businesses i.e. Telcos, Co-working spaces
  • Moderation of dedicated program Private Facebook group

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