Andrew Marks is a self-confessed nerd. Having grown up with a computer in the house since the early 80s and building websites for almost 20 years, what else would you call yourself?

Andrew grew up in outback Queensland. His parents were both teachers, and pushed the Education Department to introduce computers to regional schools as a learning tool. Hence, Andrew was writing code before he could spell properly. He was always going to be a code-monkey.

After studying probably the nerdiest course there is at university – Information Technology and Electronic Engineering – Andrew began a career in web development. Back then, websites were coded by hand – every line of code had to be written from scratch. With that kind of grounding, there’s not much he can’t do online.

These days, Andrew’s become the world’s first Nerd Coach, and spends his time helping teaching business owners how to get the most out of their online presence. Education is his focus. Whether teaching one-on-one, to a room full of people, or hundreds of people on a webinar, his style of communication makes it easy for anyone to follow.

Andrew lives in Moreton Bay with his partner, Emma, and two labradors, Molly and Dudley.