With a Twitter following in excess of 60,000, over 120,000 views of her training videos on YouTube, thousands of friends and ‘fans’ on Facebook and LinkedIn, combined with regular webinars to global audiences of top internet marketers and entrepreneurs, Zoe has become known as one of Australia’s leading social media trainers.

Zoe Wyatt was born and raised in Northern Queensland and having grown up in a family business has an excellent grasp of the issues facing regional and rural Queensland small to medium business communities.

A marine biologist by trade, Zoe spent over 10 years working as an environmental consultant and strategic planner with Government agencies before starting her first home based business in the health and wellness industry in 2003 to allow for more flexibility to be mum to her family of five.

Zoe excelled at being her own boss and quickly advanced to a leadership/training role for a product supply company in Australia and New Zealand.  With a hunger for knowledge and a drive to grow her business while still being a full time Mum, Zoe started marketing through social media in early 2008.

As an ‘early adopter’ of this technology it wasn’t long before other companies were seeking her out to structure, manage and train their teams.  This lead to the creation of a training program and community website, which quickly attracted clients from around the world.

As a result she was selected to attend the “10 for 10” internet marketing training intensive in New York and regularly returns to America for social media and internet marketing training.

A regular contributing author and speaker on social media marketing, Zoe’s enthusiasm for teaching and empowering entrepreneurs to embrace new technology in their marketing, shines through in her live presentations.