Mastering Linkedin for Business


Are you keen to master Linkedin for Business purposes? Linkedin is an extremely powerful social network for business professionals but most do not understand all of its features, let alone use them. Access this 4 part online series which you can work through at your own pace and learn:

Lesson 1 – Getting started with Linkedin profiles – setting up or improving your profile

Lesson 2 – Growing your networks – How to find & make the right connections on LinkedIn

Lesson 3 – Getting started with Linkedin Pages & Linkedin Groups

Lesson 4 – An introduction to LinkedIn Advertising


DURATION: 4-6 hours


Let’s take a look at the details! 

Course Overview

Course Inclusions

    • 4 x One hour webinar recordings full of great information

    • The ability to log in and re-watch the session for up to 12 months – pause, rewind, fast forward to suit

    • A PDF copy of the slides presented in the session

    • Access to our private Facebook group

Lesson 1 - Getting Started with Linkedin Profiles

Do you already have a Linkedin Profile but just don’t know what you should be doing with it? Maybe you have established a Linkedin Profile (or not) but wouldn’t mind checking that you have set it up correctly and in line with best practices and are utilising all the features which come with it.

In our first lesson, we will help you learn about how to get started with Linkedin, commencing with all our tricks on ‘pimping out your profile’!

You will learn:

  • What is Linkedin? How many people use it and who are they?
  • Getting clear on your objectives for using Linkedin (and what is possible)
  • A quick orientation around Linkedin and what determines what comes up in your newsfeed (and how to change it)
  • Understanding the dashboard – what the metrics mean
  • How to set up a top notch Linkedin profile (and how to adjust yours if you already have one)
  • The importance of writing a good description and summary utilising keywords
  • Work experience – what jobs you should list & how you should list them – options for images, videos, PDFs, links and bringing your profile to life
  • Education – your options for listing your educational experience, licenses & certifications
  • Skills & endorsements – what are they and how you should use them
  • More stuff you can add to a Linkedin Profile – Volunteer experience, Accomplishments, Projects, Honors & awards, Languages & more
  • The importance of a good image & cover image – top tips
  • Considering what contacts you share on Linkedin
  • Cool newer features on Linkedin
  • How to decide if you should get a paid linkedin account and what package you may need

Lesson 2 - Growing your networks - How to find & make the right connections on LinkedIn

Once your Linkedin Profile is ‘pimped’ you are ready to ‘go to market’ and look to make the right connections! Linkedin is a veritable ‘global rolodex’ and you can find just about anybody you could wish to do business on here, so start thinking about who you’d like to connect with, jump on this webinar and let us show you how to find the right connections and the ‘right way’ to go about making those connections and getting conversations going on Linkedin.

You will learn:

  • Getting clear on what kind of connections would benefit your organisation
  • Your options for finding connections on Linkedin – search, people you may know, connecting your email account
  • Understanding the concept of six degrees of separation and what Linkedin displays when searching for connections
  • Your options in connecting – going direct, or seeking an introduction
  • Why you should use a cover note and how to go about it
  • How to decide what connections to accept and who to decline
  • Your options for filtering and searching your connections once made
  • How to remove a connection you no longer want
  • How to know when someone is paying to connect to you
  • How to compose a message, sending to multiple connections, attaching PDFs, gifs etc.
  • Live examples of finding relevant connections for guests on the session

Lesson 3 - Getting Started with Linkedin Pages & Linkedin Groups

Got your Linkedin Profile sorted? Made some connections? It’s time to start creating content and posting on your profile, and if you have one, on your company page, and/or groups too so people know what you’re all about on Linkedin, and so you can reap the full benefits of being on Linkedin.

You will learn:

    • Why you should consider posting on your profile with sharing status updates, who sees them and more

    • The difference between status updates & articles

    • The difference between company pages and profiles

    • How to become an administrator on your Company Page

    • Posting updates on your company page

    • Checking the analytics of your company page

    • New Company Page features

    • Posting jobs on your company page

    • What are Linkedin groups and how to find relevant ones to join

    • How to evaluate which Linkedin groups to join

    • How to participate in Linkedin groups

Lesson 4: An introduction to LinkedIn Advertising

If you are already posting organic (unpaid) content on a regular basis on your company page and are wanting to achieve greater results from Linkedin, or if you have a specific campaign or specific target audience you are wanting to target, it may be time to consider Linkedin Ads. Jump on this webinar and learn how to get started with sponsored posts on Linkedin and be introduced to other possibilities inside Linkedin’s Ads Manager.
Jump on our session in this Linkedin series and learn how to get started with Linkedin Ads.
You will learn:

    • Which posts you should consider boosting on Linkedin

    • The process of boosting a post on Linkedin

    • How to select your objective

    • How Linkedin targeting options vary to Facebook and other social networks

    • How to select a target markets to boost your post to

    • How to choose your budget and duration

    • The importance of getting your Insights Tag installed on your website

    • Introduction to Linkedin Campaign Manager

    • Introduction to Ad formats

    • Introduction to Placements

    • Introduction to Conversion Tracking

Who Does This Course Suit?

  • People who have not yet ventured onto Linkedin
  • People who have established something of a profile on Linkedin but who aren’t using this social network on a regular basis
  • People who have a general understanding of what Linkedin is, but who want to get to know this B2B network more intimately
  • People who want how to use Linkedin safely and confidently
  • People who want to learn ways to connect with and market to other business professionals.
  • Students should have a strong working knowledge of either Mac or Windows.


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