Spotify Advertising – An Introduction


Did you know that you can run ads on Spotify the music streaming platform, just like you can on other social media ads platforms? Learn more and jump on our webinar and find out how to get started!

DURATION: 1 hour


Spotify has boomed as a platform due to COVID and today is the most popular music streaming service in Australia with around a quarter of the population listening to everything from their favourite artists to newly released music and informative podcasts.

Spotify advertising has been available until 2017 yet many businesses are still not yet using this powerful medium. Developing a Spotify Ads Strategy is therefore a really good idea!

Clients who have done traditional radio advertising & who got results, are ideal candidates for Spotify Advertising as they likely already understand the audio medium when it comes to ad creative, or have enjoyed results on radio and are looking to diversify from their local area, or set radio networks to be able to target people in a much more specific way through interests, music genres, age, gender and more.

Spotify Advertising should be considered a ‘top of funnel’ strategy and is ideal for clients looking for brand awareness or reach. Over 61% of Spotify users have said that the platform helped introduce them to a new brand or product.

Spotify is popular across virtually every age demographic. Though 25-34-year-olds make up 29% of the listening audience, 19% of listeners are 55+ years old.

You can launch a Spotify Advertising campaign for a minimum of $250 in ad spend.

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Course Overview

Course Inclusions

  • One hour webinar recording full of great information
  • The ability to log in and re-watch the session for up to 12 months – pause, rewind, fast forward to suit
  • A PDF copy of the slides presented in the session
  • Access to our private Facebook group (you’ll receive the link to join on sign up)

Who Does This Course Suit?

  • People looking to advertise on Spotify for the first time
  • People who are looking to advertise themselves on Spotify
  • People who would like to understand Spotify Advertising more
  • People who would like to understand Spotify Advertising and potentially outsourcing it to an agency

Topics covered in this session

  • Who does Spotify advertising suit?
  • How to set up a Spotify Advertising account
  • Your targetting options on Spotify
  • Ad formats for Spotify
  • Tips for making great audio ads
  • Specifications to be mindful of
  • Links to script writing tools and tips
  • What does Spotify advertising cost?
  • What sorts of results should you expect?
  • Understanding ad policies
  • Spotify ad case studies
  • Metrics you can track on Spotify Ads

Course Trainer

Dan Nikas

Who would think a former Homicide Detective Sergeant of 17 years would become a Facebook Ads trainer! Dan turned his policing skillset to eCommerce in 2015 when he founded & ran Gearbunch turning over US$4m in its first year. Dan is a Facebook Blueprint Lead Trainer & an in-demand keynote speaker at industry events worldwide with particular expertise on Facebook ads for eCommerce and retail brands.

Spotify Advertising - An Introduction