Get Up To Speed Program

The Get Up To Speed program is our flagship 12 week online program. We’ve now had over 700 people from around Australia and New Zealand engage in this program.
Through this program, we’ve helped businesses to learn how to appear on the front page of Google and receive a higher level of traffic, enquiry and sales; businesses which were flailing to learn about how to effectively market online who have been able to flourish again with new skills and knowledge; people to find employment when previously they had not been employable; people to make career changes from something they were not passionate about to something they love and just generally gain the essential digital skills they needed to survive in the digital age. We’d love to help you ‘get you to speed’ too!

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Accelerate Program

The Accelerate program is a new 12 week online program further extending students who have already completed our 12 week Get Up To Speed program or whom are already at an advanced level of digital skills. The course progresses conversations of the different elements of digital marketing and pushes into actual application of skills. The Accelerate program is for people who are running the digital marketing affairs of their own business, are employed in this function or who would like to gain employment using these much sought after skills. Following this program (or even during it) participants may well move into our growing range of one day and short courses as they begin to specialise in specific areas of digital marketing.

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