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Pauline Moore

By December 4, 2020

“As a participant in Intake 3 of the Get Up To Speed Program (GUTS), I can highly recommend this program to anyone who is in business and is finding it difficult to come to terms with the rapidly changing world of technology and the role it plays in business success. As a new business owner, I was keen to immerse myself in as much information as possible in order to formulate a clear vision of how technology would help me to grow my business. The GUTs program offered a wealth of information sourced from a range of knowledgeable presenters who are undoubtedly experts in their respective fields.

The course covered everything from establishing sound and ethical practices in the use of technology in business management, considerations for and guidance to establishing a web presence and the possibilities of e-commerce.

As a result of my participation in this course, I have successfully designed, developed and launched my own website complete with an e-commerce facility, established a presence and increased my following on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest, and established email marketing for my business. I cannot speak highly enough of the support given to participants by the program’s management team and presenters. This program offered value on so many different levels.”

Pauline Moore