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Private Group Training Participant

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“Extremely clear, comprehensive information that was presented in a way that I could put into place immediately. Katrina gave real life examples of how each individual participant could implement the tools provided to us.. I am truly thrilled and grateful to have this new knowledge! It’s not something I could have learnt online. I will be doing more courses once I nail the tools from this one!! Thank you so much Katrina!”

Pauline Moore

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“As a participant in Intake 3 of the Get Up To Speed Program (GUTS), I can highly recommend this program to anyone who is in business and is finding it difficult to come to terms with the rapidly changing world of technology and the role it plays in business success. As a new business owner, I was keen to immerse myself in as much information as possible in order to formulate a clear vision of how technology would help me to grow my business. The GUTs program offered a wealth of information sourced from a range of knowledgeable presenters who are undoubtedly experts in their respective fields.

The course covered everything from establishing sound and ethical practices in the use of technology in business management, considerations for and guidance to establishing a web presence and the possibilities of e-commerce.

As a result of my participation in this course, I have successfully designed, developed and launched my own website complete with an e-commerce facility, established a presence and increased my following on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest, and established email marketing for my business. I cannot speak highly enough of the support given to participants by the program’s management team and presenters. This program offered value on so many different levels.”

Karina Sharpe

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“I have been working on my business on and off for the last 5 years. It has undergone many transitions in that time, most of which have been based on my creative whim, rather than any commercial purpose or competitive reasoning, and all previous decisions have been emotional ones.

While doing the Get Up To Speed program, I have finally began to see my business from a commercial perspective, to make decisions based on strategy and to see my target market for who they truly are, and not some variation of myself. And with the tools the program has given me, it is also the first time I have been diligent and disciplined with my planning and research stages.

I am learning so much and when I look back at what I have been doing up until now, the ineffectiveness of my methods are embarrassingly clear.”

Michael Barton

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“Yvette is an engaging speaker who has a talent of keeping things on track and to the point. No time wasted here, she knows what’s relevant and why we are spending our time together.”

Darren Natale

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“Just reaching out to say a huge thank you for your work delivering x2 workshops at the recent National Honda Conference in Brisbane. The feedback has been outstanding and your efforts really contributed to a successful experience for all involved. Participants are still raving about it.”

Danielle Burns

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“Thanks Yvette! Your valuable review of our firm’s LinkedIn presence, training presentation and handy tips have certainly enlightened us and given us quite a bit to work on to improve and maximise our engagement in this space.”