Having developed and delivered webinars both for ourselves and on behalf of a range of clients including the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation, Biosecurity and Broadband Today, we regularly assist clients with the development and successful delivery of webinars.

In case you’re not sure exactly what they are, a webinar is essentially a seminar conducted online – take ‘web’ + ‘seminar’ and you’ve got webinar!

Webinars are a great way to engage a large audience with minimal inconvenience and they can be recorded and turned into a resource post event too!

Apart from running webinars on behalf of clients, we also occasionally offer the opportunity to access our knowledge during lunch time webinars. We have been offering webinars at lunch hours since 2010 and know business owners need information but often struggle to take the time out of their business to learn.

That’s why our webinars are offered during lunch hours, as well as being recorded and made available post event. So even if you can’t make the time (or if something comes up), still register and you will still receive the recording. Of course, you’ll get the most out of attending these as live sessions when you can ask questions and interact.

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